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Here's what our clients say about working with us:



Kat - London

"Emily's expert guidance during the Colours Mirrors consultation allowed me to explore the vibrant bottles, and a bath with the G12 oil brought tangible shifts, fostering positive changes in my life. The interplay between space clearing at home and family dynamics was intriguing and deeply personal, which Emily handled with care and understanding. Since our session, the integration of Colour Mirrors has been seamless, and the sprays have become a cherished part of my routine. Thank you, Emily, for this transformative journey...... you are so talented at what you do"

Pippa - Bedfordshire

"I am just about to open a Wellbeing Studio with treatment room, and I knew I wanted some guidance and insights with some energy work as I step into the next phase of my business having it's own physical space. So I had an online session with Emily - Energy Space Clearing for Business Expansion with Colour. Right from the get-go, Emily made me feel comfortable about the process which was super easy, fun and interesting. Emily explained the process and it was so insightful and helpful all that she could tell me about the colours I had chosen, and what their meaning was; it was spot on, and actually quite emotional! The venue itself, my business and myself were all included in this, so it felt very holistic and helped me feel more bonded to the physical space and my intentions moving forward. We also chatted about design ideas for enhancing clients' experience when they spend time in this nurturing and supportive environment, and Emily gave me some great tips which I'm excited to implement over the coming days and weeks. This really was a very special thing to do for my business and I would highly recommend working with Emily for anyone who has a property they would like to work with, and connect with on a deeper, more mindful level, especially if you have a wellbeing space."

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Caroline - East Sussex

"I was recommended to use Emily by a friend who had had great success using her to clear and align her house and treatment room. We spent a day working though the house and the difference in the dowsing rods was amazing, the colours just cleared everything.
Shortly after, my treatment room just came together and I must say for everyone that enters they always tell me how amazing the room feels: so calm and peaceful.
I get a lot of comment on the rest of the house as well, everyone always says how nice it feels and how well they sleep.
Once in a while I will dowse the house myself to check the energy and if there are any issues, I use the colour sprays and immediately everything clears again. And I will use the sprays in my treatment room between each person to clear our any energies.
I'm thrilled with the result and love having the colours help keep my house in good balance

Thank you so much for such a fun and interesting day. I feel so happy that we did all that clearing and I feel the house is happy too. I'm looking forwards to see what happens with all of us in the family, but it all feels more peaceful now"

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Fifi - Buckinghamshire

"In the months after the session I went through a major energetic shift and I know that working with Emily was definitely a factor in that. I switched gears in my business focus and feel far more confident in myself and my work.
I actually use the space now! I don't have to clear the room every morning for meetings or clients calls so it is much easier to focus on my work.
The office is now a no-laundry-zone and has been for months. Even the mould has disappeared! We also rearranged the furniture in there to make it more welcoming as the bookshelf being across from the doorway domineered the space as you walked in.
It feels more open, both physically and energetically, as if there is so much more potential to be had from the space. And the house is generally more organised, as there isn't an energetically designated space for things to get left. We will also definitely be changing the colour of my workspace to a more muted sagey green that is relaxing and calming (when we get round to it!)

I found it interesting that I had never considered the meaning of many aspects of the room. For example, the way I spoke about the space and the words I used were very negative, not really ideal for a place you wish to grow within and offer transformation to others from.

My experience working with Colour Mirrors has been very expansive, colour can evoke so much within us and there is incredible depth to the work. Emily is brilliant at holding an energetic space that allows you to peel away the layers and view your surroundings with a new perspective that empowers you in all aspects of your life."

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Sarah K-E - Hertfordshire

"I agree re the guest room is so striking and the process with Emily helped us to be able to rent it out to our lodger who has been in there since January!! It is beautiful and the blues work really well together. Emily also managed to graduate the colours on the landing to darken as you go downstairs to the boot room which was a darker shade of green (Ambleside by Little Greene).

My main pain point was not having the confidence to make colour decisions - I felt the pressure of having to get it right as it’s not something we want to do again in a hurry and I was worried about getting it wrong! Emily helped me to overcome that and trust my instinct and my confidence grew from that! My favourite room is probably the living room which caused me the most stress as I was trying to combine the colourful rug, a bright pink chair, a turquoise sofa and an old seascape oil painting…..! (What a brief!) and Emily got it spot on with the colours!

Another tricky area for me was the kitchen; trying to blend the old fashioned, rustic, cream coloured aga with a modern, white quartz worktop and teal units! Once again, you came up trumps with a beautiful off pink colour from Little Greene.

Emily also helped me to create a flow from room to room so that you get a sense of continuity as opposed to lots of different rooms in different colours. In a large house with big rooms and hallways this felt important to also generate a sense of coziness!"

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Flora - London

"Emily was absolutely fantastic in helping me with my kitchen/living design. Before my session there were a lot of ideas but nothing was quite coming together all being overridden by the concerns and anxieties which come with with the prospect of a large project. Emily’s knowledge and style is evident in her sound interior design advice and the colour therapy really helped tackle those niggling issues head on.
Would really recommend for anyone wanting to make positive changes to their home.
Thanks so much for all your help, I feel so much better now about which direction to go, all your advice has been invaluable”

Sarah M - Hertfordshire

"Emily uses her powerful background as a highly respected interior designer with her intuitive spiritual colour therapy, to ensure that your inner landscape is expressed beautifully in a harmonious outer environment ie your home.
In short she is an energetic coach for your home be it for one room or a total makeover.
Emily is helping me step into a flat renovation that I am doing with more confidence and bravery. Sadly the last property I did up was when my mum was dying so the whole process had become a very daunting and heavy experience rather than a joyful new opportunity to express myself through colour in our new flat. I am loving the experience and whilst we are a work in progress I am starting to shift to a much more uplifted feeling gentle held by Emily and her process.
So if you need some interior design help and want a more spiritual approach to the energy of your home I can't recommend Emily highly enough. She is definitely one of our tribe!"

Nicci - East Sussex

"I'm so grateful Emily, thank you so much .... you've completely changed how I feel about my practice, about myself as a practitioner, and this space”

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Louise - Surrey

"Emily is a true natural at helping you progress along your own journey and find a way to realising your true self. I highly recommend her. I've seen the amazing transition she has made over the past few years and I know she's already helped me today with mine. Absolutely fabulous session with you earlier. I feel amazing!"

Francesca - London

"A huge thank you to Emily.I really enjoyed my colour session with her. I wasn't sure what to expect because I've never done it before, but right from the start the atmosphere was warm and welcoming and I felt safe in Emily's hands, ready to open up and talk about me. I really felt Emily was there for me, to help overcome my obstacles. The accuracy of her reading and her input helped me to look deeper into myself and reveal aspects of my life I've pretended to ignore or hide from myself. I now feel so much lighter and ready to move on to a new chapter of my life with more energy and higher levels of consciousness about who I am. Again, thank you, Emily really helped me to start to change my life for the better, and to trust in myself more”

Client Video Testimonial: The transformation & typical session

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