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East Sussex

Caroline really felt there were some discordant energy lines running in the contextual land of the property. We carried out energy clearing for the land, the house and certain spaces as well as energy clearing for Caroline and her family.

The dark, cold feeling entrance area which was never used has transformed into Caroline's treatment space for clients, something that she created and the whole home feels really peaceful spatially and within the family unit relationships too.

Caroline says:
I was recommended to use Emily by a friend who had had great success using her to clear and align her house and treatment room. We spent a day working though the house and the difference in the dowsing rods was amazing, the colours just cleared everything.

Shortly after, my treatment room just came together and I must say for everyone that enters they always tell me how amazing the room feels: so calm and peaceful.

I get a lot of comment on the rest of the house as well, everyone always says how nice it feels and how well they sleep.

Once in a while I will dowse the house myself to check the energy and if there are any issues, I use the colour sprays and immediately everything clears again. And I will use the sprays in my treatment room between each person to clear our any energies.

I'm thrilled with the result and love having the colours help keep my house in good balance

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