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Sarah asked for my guidance and support in choosing new paint colours for throughout the home. Within that process there were design ideas to help shift the energy of the space and improve the overall look. This included furniture placement and colour ideas, where to use wallpaper, how to create cohesion using a variety of colours in different rooms.
We also did energy clearing on feelings and emotions that came up during that process including clearing on fear of judgement (from others about the house redecoration) and what if I get it wrong!? We also focused on clearing fears in relation to creative decisions impacting all areas of Sarah's life.
The house has undergone a beautiful aesthetic transformation and feels really peaceful too.

Sarah says:
I agree re the guest room is so striking and the process with Emily helped us to be able to rent it out to our lodger who has been in there since January!! It is beautiful and the blues work really well together. Emily also managed to graduate the colours on the landing to darken as you go downstairs to the boot room which was a darker shade of green (Ambleside by Little Greene).

My main pain point was not having the confidence to make colour decisions - I felt the pressure of having to get it right as it’s not something we want to do again in a hurry and I was worried about getting it wrong! Emily helped me to overcome that and trust my instinct and my confidence grew from that! My favourite room is probably the living room which caused me the most stress as I was trying to combine the colourful rug, a bright pink chair, a turquoise sofa and an old seascape oil painting…..! (What a brief!) and Emily got it spot on with the colours!

Another tricky area for me was the kitchen; trying to blend the old fashioned, rustic, cream coloured aga with a modern, white quartz worktop and teal units! Once again, you came up trumps with a beautiful off pink colour from Little Greene.

Emily also helped me to create a flow from room to room so that you get a sense of continuity as opposed to lots of different rooms in different colours. In a large house with big rooms and hallways this felt important to also generate a sense of coziness!

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