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My office had become the dumping ground of the house. As a space that is shared with my partner and the only upstairs room with decent floor area, it often had laundry hanging, stuff piled around and it had also been taken over by our cat too, housing his litter tray!
All this, along with the eye straining colour that the room is painted, meant that I was using it less and less for my work, usually opting for the dining room table instead.

In the months after the session I went through a major energetic shift and I know that working with Emily was definitely a factor in that. I switched gears in my business focus and feel far more confident in myself and my work.
I actually use the space now! I don't have to clear the room every morning for meetings or clients calls so it is much easier to focus on my work.
The office is now a no-laundry-zone and has been for months. Even the mould has disappeared! We also rearranged the furniture in there to make it more welcoming as the bookshelf being across from the doorway domineered the space as you walked in.
It feels more open, both physically and energetically, as if there is so much more potential to be had from the space. And the house is generally more organised, as there isn't an energetically designated space for things to get left. We will also definitely be changing the colour of my workspace to a more muted sagey green that is relaxing and calming (when we get round to it!)

I found it interesting that I had never considered the meaning of many aspects of the room. For example, the way I spoke about the space and the words I used were very negative, not really ideal for a place you wish to grow within and offer transformation to others from.

My experience working with colour mirrors has been very expansive, colour can evoke so much within us and there is incredible depth to the work. Emily is brilliant at holding an energetic space that allows you to peel away the layers and view your surroundings with a new perspective that empowers you in all aspects of your life.

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