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Energy Clearing
just for you

Discover who you truly are


Your inner environment, your inner space that is personal to you, within your body and your auric field around you have an intrinsic link to what is occuring for you in your life. Take time and make space for yourself as you explore your energy body and watch as the magic unfolds. These offerings involve subconscious energy clearing, using the Colour Mirrors system and theta healing, meditation and visualisation.

Unlearn, decode, deprogramme, allow, feel, insights, clarity

inspired action & surrendered flow,

balance & expansion

1:1 sessions

Vibrational energy clearing just for you as a 1 hour online session. Using the tool of Colour Mirrors, we shift stuck blocked emotion. Release the subconscious, connect with yourself & expand into your infinite potential

Group Workshops - online

Join my monthly sharing circle, a space to gather and express, release tension and energy no longer serving and experience the beauty of colour shifting and supporting you. Experience benefits from group clearing

Soul Path Reading

Discover your life lessons & see yourself in colour. Using colour and numerology, this is an insightful tool for you to thrive in life. Full birth name & date is required to prepare this reading, which is carried out over zoom

If you would like to book & pay for 6 or 12 sessions upfront, these are available as special priced packages, please click below

Alternatively - installment payment plan options are available, please contact me for details

Cancellation Policy: Payments are to be paid before or on the day of the session. Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy otherwise full payment is required, thank you


“I'm so grateful Emily, thank you so much .... you've completely changed how I feel about my practice, about myself as a practitioner, and this space”


Nicci, East Sussex

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