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Hey, I'm Emily

I'm Emily, a vivacious, intuitive, courageous, insightful woman.
I am a qualified Interior Architectural Designer, a Trainer of Colour Mirrors Teachers, Colour Mirrors Teacher & Practitioner and I am trained in Theta Healing & EFT.

But who am I really? Who am I, why am I here and what is life? These big open ended questions have carried me into the depths of my being & taken me on a self discovery journey of unlearning, release, reconnection and expansion.

I've experienced what it feels like to not fit in within "the system", or with everyone else, I've experienced the bright lights of London, a corporate way of working, structured paradigms like the 9-5 rat race. I've experienced realities of perceived glamour, which didnt live up to my expectations. Since my childhood I've experienced separation in many different ways and that pain and suffering has alchemised to now offer me many gifts in my present now moment.

I'm dedicated to living a life of soulful creativity through aligned decisions, surrendered flow and fun. I am passionate about combining the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and environmental factors of life together to benefit mankind.

Currently, I am aligning to my truth, slowing down, tuning into nature, with a focus on my health & inner peace, all to enable me to enjoy the simplicity of life.

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BA (Hons) Interior Architecture, UWIC
Weldon Walshe Architects & LINLEY

David Collins Studio, Matthews Rea Interior Design, MILC Interiors 


London, Surrey, Dorset, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire

Trainer of Colour Mirrors Teachers

Colour Mirrors Teacher & Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique (Level 2)

Theta Healing Advanced

Colour with Numerology

Speaker at London Design Week 2020

Speaker at Vegan Interior Design Week 2021

Grand Designs Live, London 2023

In Your Element Wellness Festival, Marlow 2023

I have 15 years experience within the interior design industry and have been integrating colour & other healing work in to my life for 6 years . I founded my soul business as a way to bridge my interior design career with the powerful energy of colour. I am passionate about guiding you back home - to you!

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