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What can I offer you

An opportunity to feel whole, connected with yourself and to see life in a completely new way

Support and guidance to change your inner space (the experience between mind, body & soul), your external environments at home or work or a blend of all (as your internal experience is intrinsically linked to your external experience and vice versa)


I offer a variety of services working with the beautiful Colour Mirrors system. This is your journey so select whether you would like guidance just for you, your home, your business space or a combined approach.

Equally, please let me know how I can support you - I am always open to offer something that you would like to explore and that I have not thought of (yet!)



1 off session

6 or 12 package

Spiritual Mentoring and support on your personal development journey
- 6 or 12 session packages bought in one transaction - discount offer available
- Alternatively installment payment plans available - please contact to discuss

Sessions can cover any life issue including topics such as health, wealth, relationships

Home or Business

An empathic and empowering approach to transforming your home or business space so that you can live and work symbiotically in harmony with your external surroundings

Home or Business

Bring Colour Mirrors and sound* into your home or business space for a beautiful ceremony to clear discordant energies

* during in person clearings only

Colour Mirrors

I offer all Colour Mirrors trainings; become a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and / or Teacher. These are powerful courses that can be used for your own spiritual development or add to your existing energy modality / service offerings

Sharing Circles

Online or in person

Colour sharing circles and workshops covering a range of ‘life issues’, offering you the chance to express, share and energy clear in a safe group setting

Bottles & Essence sprays

Colour Mirrors oil bottles & spray essences for purchase and your own use: experience the magic of using colour all the time! Experience the beauty of a Colour Mirrors oil bath or use your essence spray for that supportive boost


Louise, Surrey


Today I went to visit Emily and we worked through some energy blocks I have using colour energy and scent. I feel fantastic! Emily is a true natural at helping you progress along your own journey and find a way to realising your true self. I highly recommend her

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