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Space Within Studio is a new wellness studio. Pippa wanted to ensure the energy of the space was aligned with her business before officially moving in

Kind words from Pippa:

"I am just about to open a Wellbeing Studio with treatment room, and I knew I wanted some guidance and insights with some energy work as I step into the next phase of my business having it's own physical space. So I had an online session with Emily - Energy Space Clearing for Business Expansion with Colour. Right from the get-go, Emily made me feel comfortable about the process which was super easy, fun and interesting. Emily explained the process and it was so insightful and helpful all that she could tell me about the colours I had chosen, and what their meaning was; it was spot on, and actually quite emotional! The venue itself, my business and myself were all included in this, so it felt very holistic and helped me feel more bonded to the physical space and my intentions moving forward. We also chatted about design ideas for enhancing clients' experience when they spend time in this nurturing and supportive environment, and Emily gave me some great tips which I'm excited to implement over the coming days and weeks. This really was a very special thing to do for my business and I would highly recommend working with Emily for anyone who has a property they would like to work with, and connect with on a deeper, more mindful level, especially if you have a wellbeing space.
All the clients say they love it and I've had comments about how they can tell there's been much love, thought and energy invested in it. One of my clients said it feels like the therapy room is womb like"

The Colour Mirrors bottles that Pippa selected during her session inspired her paint colour choices for the therapy space and the other equipment (birthing balls / yoga mats) too!

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