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Discover who you truly are

At the heart of my offerings is the journey for you to discover your spiritual connection with the physical aspects of you and your life.

I work either just with you, your environmental spaces or a combination of both (for personal and / or business purposes) to guide you to improve your relationship with self and your spatial environment.

Creating sacred space is much more than making a space look aesthetically beautiful and practically functioning. It goes beyond the surface of our physical spaces and our physical bodies, and is a journey of exploration into energies hidden & intertwined within our energy field. The more we unravel and the more we accept the metaphors, the more our health, wealth, love, relationships, inner happiness, purpose and attributes across all areas of our life expand into infinite potential.

There is a totally different way of being, beyond what we are taught or led to believe from a young age. Life is rapidly changing before our eyes. This is an amazing time to be alive. Working with yourself and with your intrinsic environment from a holistic, energy centred approach is a relatively new (and abstract) direction, certainly for interior design. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Allow yourself to bring your heart fully into this process to amplify the light expansion on this planet whilst creating a harmonious way of being. Come back home!



“Thanks so much Emily for your heart-centred, tuned in, loving 

presence for the lovely session today.  I really enjoyed and 

appreciated having the time with you.”


Charlotte, Oxfordshire

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