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Energy Space Clearing Services
for you and your spatial environments

If there are discordant energies at play in your home or workspace - the energy of your space might be having a detrimental effect on some or all aspects of your life (health, wealth, romance and purpose). The physical space probably just won't feel right nor will you feel right when using it and you can't put your finger on what is actually wrong.

I offer energy space clearing with the beautiful Colour Mirrors bottles and sprays (and if working in person with the vibration of sound.) This is a very intuitive process where crystal grids are created with the colour bottles. I also use the Colour Mirrors essence sprays (and sound) to shift the energy. It is a magical ceremony which is very experiential.

There are a range of issues this particular service is suited to help transform problems, please see the list below as there might be issues here that resonate with you and what is occuring in your life. If you wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us. Ongoing sessions for personal development and support for you, your home or workspace can also be arranged. For in person energy space clearing sessions - travel charges may apply.

Please note - all pricing is subject to size of room or property. Travel charges apply beyond a 60 mile radius from postcode OX29 - please confirm details at time of booking

Deposit payments are required to confirm booking. Cancellation Policy: Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy otherwise full payment is required, thank you

  • meet together on a zoom call

  • please make sure you have a floorplan in jpeg or png format (a photo also works)

  • you upload the floorplan to my special interactive tool online during the session

  • we discuss any issues, problems and what you'd like to change energetically (see below)

  • we use Colour Mirrors to shift the energy, blocks, problems during the session

  • watch as the magic unravels

  • I travel to your home or workspace with Colour Mirrors bottles and some other tools

  • you show me around the space or the home

  • we discuss any issues, problems and what you'd like to change energetically (see below)

  • I use Colour Mirrors bottles and essence sprays, sound and dowsing rods to shift the energy, blocks, problems during the session

  • this is a ceremonial energy space clearing which is very intuitive and experiential

  • you are welcome to be a part of the energy space clearing process

  • watch as the magic unravels

Energy space clearing online includes:

Energy space clearing in person includes:

Feel like a stranger in your own home

Certain spaces feel like a dumping ground

Feel lonely & disconnected in your home

Not in control of my house

Take back your power with your home

Energy doesn't feel right or feels off in a space

House feels out of balance

Dont like the room, dont use areas of the home

Dark, damp, cold, overpowering, scary spaces

Re:occuring issues but don't know why

Relationship issues:

Family dispute

Existing relationships

Difficulty conceiving

Desiring a new relationship

Relationship to:

Ancestral or previous owner issues

Neighbours and boundaries

Wealth issues:

Financial flow, debts, lost it all

Life purpose, career direction or change

How abundant is your life?

Health issues:

Disease, emotion, trauma

Emotional attachment:

Letting go of grief, letting go of furniture & possessions that no longer serve

Infrastructure issues (from an energetic perspective):

Plumbing, electrical, leaks, power cuts, mould & damp issues, internet connection issues

Creating and adapting spaces due to change in circumstance:

Birth - new baby, death - passing of a loved one, new job, business expansion, working from home, children leaving home

Investment in design projects:

Can't decide what to do, can't visualise, what is the best solution?

Stuck in the creative process

Fear of judgement - what my home looks like

Renovation and redecoration or move house?

Colour, furniture placement, texture and material balance suggestion from an energetic perspective

What elements of the room don't you like?

House selling, buying, renting:

Won't sell, can't decide whether to sell, contractural problems, can't sort leaseholds, lodger issues, best location

House stress:

Energetic ley lines, house trauma

What happened on the land before the house was built, what was the energy of the house builder like?

What process did the house materials go through?

Connection and context of the land

Energy issues at home:

Creating a space for your business

Choosing the right space (for home office or treatment room)

Creating a space that represents your business

How do you want to feel in your workspace?

How do you want clients to feel in your workspace?


Financial flow

Client flow


Creative flow


Decision making in the business


Alignment with life purpose

For your home office, small start up business, creative studio, wellness centre, holistic space, treatment rooms, yoga studios or if you want to create a dedicated space for work or sacred space for self care that currently doesn't exist this is an amazing service to transform

Energy issues in business:

Colour Mirrors combined with energy space clearing for home or work

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