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Client's treatment room transformation

the energy of your space

Our process uses the spiritual psychology of colour to shift and change energy within a space, that might be a space at home, the whole house or your home office. This also works for holistic wellness spaces such as a yoga studio, holistic treatment space or even a commercial based retreat centre.  The energy space clearing process can be applied at any time of change including before, during and after any aspect of design & construction. We combine energy space clearing with 1:1 energy work and holistic interiors consultancy to ensure the energy of your space feels peaceful, aligned and inspiring. We've worked with a number of clients who have experienced physical transformation with their space as well as transformation within their relationships, business, career, finances, emotional health and life itself.

Scroll right down to the bottom to watch a video testimonial with my lovely client Nicci, now friend and colleague.

With thanks and gratitude to all my clients who have kindly shared their before and / or after photos of their home or work space transformations featured on this page

Spatial Transformations

Click on an image to expand & learn more about the project journey & spatial transformation. Energy space clearing and divine design projects feature powerful life transformations too!

We've helped our clients with:

  • Clearing discordant energy within the land / redirecting leylines which are negatively impacting the house (or office space)

  • Clearing out of past energies or previous owners energy

  • Spaces not feeling right, energy has been off

  • Rooms feeling like a dumping ground

  • Infrastructure issues that are now resolved (mould, damp, leaks, internet issues)

  • Decisions whether to re:design / renovate or not

  • Selling house and leasehold/freehold issues resolved

  • Energy clearing before & after lodgers / tenants

  • Not wanting to use areas of the home

  • Releasing of grief and attachment issues

  • Emotions related to designing spaces and choosing paint colours

  • Feeling like a stranger in their home

  • Feeling disconnected from their home

  • Clients change the arrangement of the house

  • Creating energetic space and physical space for a new baby

  • General raising of vibration of the home, calmer house

  • Family relationship healing

  • Connecting to their home

  • Creating a harmonious home

  • Creating peaceful and calm spaces


  • Setting up of treatment spaces for business in areas of home

  • Energy clearing in work spaces & offices for business expansion and aligned flow

  • New lodgers into spaces

  • Energy clearing in a shop – completely changed their branding and services / function offering

As a result of energy clearing either huge decluttering occurs, spatial layouts change, neighbours move, new spaces are created, design decisions become easy, problems with infrastructure resolve themselves, the spaces feel calmer and more peaceful, spaces radiate this beautiful energy and you feel more connected to the space and to yourself more than ever before, home becomes harmonious

We are here to help with:

  • The energy flow of your home

  • How you feel in the space

  • How your spatial environment impacts your mood and wellbeing

  • The impact of colour (paint & fabric etc) in the home

  • The metaphorical messages your home might be showing you

  • How your home can "heal" you

  • Inspiring and empowering you to design your home in a way that feels right for you

  • Holistic interior design

  • Creating balanced spaces

  • Your health, wealth, relationships, purpose - and how your environments are energetically impacting the flow of your life

  • Your relationship with self and space

Client Testimonial: The transformation & typical session

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