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G31 - Wisdom Keeper

G31 - Wisdom Keeper

SKU: 82

Silver / Indigo

This bottle is as deep as the night sky and as light as the brightest stars, and it reminds you that you have these qualities within you. It asks you to accept both your light and your shadow self so that you can return to balance and release the stories that have kept you stuck. This bottle helps bring subconscious patterns into the light of consciousness so that they may be transformed. It reconnects you with your soul's truth and assists you in creating an inner sanctuary of peace.

This bottle is also a gateway to higher dimensions and the wider mysteries of the universe. Let yourself travel through the gateway to the galaxies and realise that you are so much more than you have believed yourself to be. This bottle encourages you to let go of fear and open to the vastness of the cosmos. Draw the radiant light of the stars into your being and let it activate deep change within you. Your existence matters. It is time now for you to own who you are and your ability to bring about shift and transformation for yourself and the planet.

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